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MSMD Skin Therapy



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Already have a basic skin care routine that you are happy with? ANTI-AGING DUO from MSMDSkinTherapy includes two powerful products that will give you a way to keep doing what you are doing but will supercharge your anti-aging - YOUTH Anti-Oxidant Gel AND REVERSE retinol night cream.

Incorporate these 2 powerful products into your current routine:

  • YOUTH Anti-Oxidant Gel - Vitamin C + Vitamin E + Ferulic Acid  gel. This powerful anti-oxidant gel will reduce the free-radicals that cause aging of the skin. This anti-oxidant cocktail makes it among the most potent formula available.
  • REVERSE retinol night cream - a retinoic acid and niacinamide night cream that promotes exfoliation, cell turnover and an overall more beautiful, smoother, and healthier skin.

Save money when purchasing these products as a duo, as compared to purchasing them separately.

INSTRUCTIONS: YOUTH Anti-Oxidant Gel can be used in the AM, after your daily cleansing. It is light enough that you can apply other products or makeup over top. You can begin using this every other morning and increase to every day if it is well tolerated. REVERSE retinol night cream is designed to be used at bedtime, after you cleanse your face. You should begin using this every other night for 2-3 weeks. If you tolerate this well, without irritation, you can use it every night. If you begin to experience any redness or irritation, you can decrease usage to every other (or every third) night while increasing your moisturizer use.

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