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MSMD Skin Therapy

BRIGHT pigment-lightening TouchStick

BRIGHT pigment-lightening TouchStick

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DESCRIPTION: BRIGHT pigment-lightening touchstick contains a combination of skin brighteners, pigment suppressors, exfoliators, and retinoids to help diminish appearance of dark spots. This is ideal for dark patches on the face or dark skin (hyperpigmentation), that commonly occurs with healing scars, pimples, or melasma. This elegant, light-weight, fragrance-free, preservative-free product is applied with a convenient touchstick that allows targeted application.

USES: dark spots, melasma, scars

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Arbutin, retinoic acid, salicylic acid

INSTRUCTIONS: apply to affected area once per day and then gradually increase to twice per day

RECOMMENDED FOR USE WITH: Commonly used in combination with FADE silicone ScarGel for treatment of scars or with YOUTH anti-oxidant gel for dark spots of the face.

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