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MSMD Skin Therapy

COMPLETE SKIN KIT - essential skin care

COMPLETE SKIN KIT - essential skin care

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You want to start a good skin care routine but you are confused about what you need? The COMPLETE SKIN KIT from MSMDSkinTherapy contains all the basic essentials to more beautiful healthy skin, featuring products for cleansing, moisturizing, sun-protection, and a powerful anti-aging night cream. 

This kit is intended for normal/dry/oily/combination skin. If you suffer from highly oily or acne-prone skin, you should consider our ACNE KIT instead.


  • FOAM facial cleanser - our gentle exfoliating foaming cleanser containing lactic and salicylic acids
  • HYDRATE deep moisturizer- powerful, yet lightweight moisturizing cream for deep hydration while simultaneously repairing the skin's barrier to lock-in moisture.
  • SHIELD facial sunscreen - tinted, completely physical full-spectrum sun-protection that protects you from the sun, AND improves the health of your skin with Vitamins C and E, and moisturizing peptides.
  • REVERSE retinol night cream - our retinoic acid night treatment cream that promotes cell turnover and the creation of new skin with fewer fine line, wrinkles, and irregular pigmentation

Save money when purchasing these products in a kit, as compared to purchasing each individually

INSTRUCTIONS:  We recommend cleansing daily with the FOAM facial cleanser and then applying the HYDRATE deep moisturizer. Next, apply a thin layer of the SHIELD facial sunscreen. You can then apply any makeup if you like. For the evenings, we recommend cleansing your face again and then alternating with the HYDRATE deep moisturizer and our REVERSE retinol night cream.  After 2 weeks, your skin should become used to the retinoic acid and you can increase REVERSE to every night. If you see any irritation or sensitivity, reduce the use of REVERSE and increase the HYDRATE moisturizer. 

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