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MSMD Skin Therapy

HYDRATE Deep Moisturizer

HYDRATE Deep Moisturizer

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DESCRIPTION: HYDRATE deep moisturizer is our most powerful moisturizer and can add moisture to the driest of skin without a thick and greasy feel. This lightweight moisturizer from MSMDSkinTherapy contains barrier replenishing lipids combined with the intense hydration of hyaluronic acids which can hold 1000 times its weight in water. HYDRATE deep moisturizer locks in moisture while simultaneously enhancing the skin's natural barrier to help it prevent future drying. The product is packaged in a screw-top container so you can be sure to get to the very last drop!

USES: deep hydration of the skin to combat dry, crepey skin

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: peptides, hyaluronic acid, ceramides

INSTRUCTIONS: Use daily on cleansed skin

TIPS FOR USE: You are going to love this on your face, but make sure to work it down into your neck. Also, a little dab on your elbows and knees will work wonders. 

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