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MSMD Skin Therapy



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This Scar Reducing Duo from MSMD SkinTherapy contains 2 powerful products to help in promoting a good scar - FADE Silicone ScarGel and BRIGHT pigment lightening touchstick. A good scar is one that is thin, flat, light, and ultimately difficult to see. We recommend beginning scar treatment 2-3 weeks after the initial injury or surgery because we know that it is better (and easier) to try to promote a good scar instead of trying to treat a bad scar.

This combination contain a product that help promote a flat, thin scar AND a product to help lighten the darkness that occurs with a healing scar.

In this duo you get:

  • FADE Silicone ScarGel - our 100% medical-grade silicone gel
  • BRIGHTEN pigment lightening touchstick - pigment suppressing touchstick

Purchasing this duo will save you money compared to purchasing each individually.


INSTRUCTIONS: Alternate use of these two products by applying one in the morning and the other in the evening. 

TIPS FOR USE: The best results occur when starting scar treatments early, 2-3 weeks after surgery or injury. You should continue to use these products for 6-9 months. Be sure to prevent sun exposure to a healing scar with our SHIELD facial sunscreen.

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